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Library monitors

Aims of the library monitor program:

  1. To provide alternative and inclusive forms of leadership within the school.
  2. To encourage a tradition of service from Stage 3 student
  3. To learn new skills, especially ICT skills
  4. To help fellow students and teachers

Duty schedule:

  • To assist in the library a minimum of one duty each week from 1.33– 1.50pm.
  • To use the OASIS system to process items borrowed by students
  • To use the OASIS system to process items returned by students
  • To place return items in the RETURNS BOX
  • To return items to appropriate shelves after processing
  • To tidy shelves if all books have been returned to shelves
  • To assist students with The Premier's Reading Challenge
  • To attend a short team meeting each term in the Library so that Library Monitors can ask questions and provide feedback.

Library monitors have the following privileges:

  • Borrow additional books.
  • Attend special library functions such as meeting visiting authors and illustrators, where appropriate,
  • Attend special morning teas with the Teacher-Librarian and/or the Principal as required,
  • Attend an End-of-Year Library Party.
  • Receive a Library Monitor Badge at assembly.
  • Attend special programs such as the ‘Open Library for parents and students' program